That's Loonie! Canadian car sales set record in February

United States auto sales during the month of February were less than stellar for the mass majority of automakers. Low numbers in the largest world market have never made for good news, but America's neighbors to the north helped pick up a little of the slack. While car salesmen stateside were busy occupying their time with solitaire on the PC (or reading Autoblog), salesmen in Canada were out making deals. February sales of cars and light trucks in Canadia experienced a 14.3-percent increase over the same month of 2007. The buying spree was fueled by falling prices that were adjusted to better represent the ever changing exchange rate and the near parity of the Candian Loonie and the U.S. dollar. Automakers could only get away with arbitrarily charging a higher price for the same car in Canada for so long, and it appears that practice is slowly coming to an end. As for hte particulars, GM saw a 14.5 percent increase; Ford jumped 4.1 percent; Toyota rose 28.1 and Honda was the Biggest Winner with its record leap of 53.2 percent.

[Source: CBC]

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