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Blame the dollar for no VW Scirocco in the States

Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 VW Scirocco

Volkswagen has made it categorically clear that the only reason it will not sell the recently unveiled Scirocco in the United States is because of the weak dollar. Bloomberg quotes VW's sales and marketing chief Detlef Wittig as saying, "The exchange rate is the only reason for not selling it in the U.S." Wittig goes on to say that the Scirocco would fit the U.S. market, which is arguable considering that VW already sells the Rabbit hatchback here in multiple forms, including GTI and R32 variants for the performance-minded enthusiast. But because of the weak buck, the point is moot since VW would make no money importing the Scirocco from the factory in Palmela, Portugal where it will be built alongside the Eos convertible.

Is all hope lost for those in the U.S. hoping to relive thier youths in a reborn Scirocco? Not quite, as the dollar will likely make a comeback against the euro at some point. Since no one is saying that it's likely to happen in the near future, VW also announced that it has begun scouting locations for a U.S. plant where it can build some of its cars free of the profit-sapping exchange rates. Perhaps then when we're building our own VWs in Alabama, Germany's largest automaker will decide to start selling the Scirocco in the U.S. Thanks for the tip, Mike!

[Source: Bloomberg]

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