Spy Shots: Jaguar XFR getting ready to bite

In nature, only the lion and tiger are bigger cats than the jaguar, and the spotted feline is quite the predator, as prey learns when the cat's fangs penetrate their skulls. The wild jaguar is also diminishing in number. When you think about it, you can draw a parallel between the beast and the brand named after it.
After all, there are bigger luxury marques with more notoriety, such as Mercedes and BMW, and it's no secret that Jaguar (especially in the United States) has been fading from the sales charts, as a peek at our By The Numbers posts will demonstrate. Like the feline predator, however, Jaguar is still no slouch at what it does.

Which brings us to the XF. The XF is The Next Big Step for Jaguar, blending modernity with big sedan proportions and dollops of luxury. Curiously, the blown mill that powers the other "R" cars is available on a standard-grade XF, so the XFR has to be better, and Auto Express has spotted it out testing. Bigger intakes in front, bigger wheels and brakes at the corners, and big power underhood are all on tap. An stout 500 horsepower is expected from the car's supercharged 5.0L V8. Out back, a spoiler and quad tips are the other telltale signs that the XFR is the most serious predator of its immediate family. Assuming it's as good as the XJR and XKR, this is one cat we're eager to tame.

[Source: Auto Express]

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