Canada finally gets the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Click image for a gallery of the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

When the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution made its North American debut in 2003, folks in Canada were left out in the cold. The diamond star vehicle's bumper design and intercooler placement did not meet Canada's low speed impact regulations. Fortunately for the land of maple leaves, Mitsubishi considered their plight when designing the new-generation 2008 Lancer Evolution. As is the case with many automobiles imported to Canada, the Evo meets the stringent bumper standards through the inclusion of a plastic bumper guard. A loyal reader sent us photos from the Canadian International Auto Show to illustrate the necessary modification. From a side profile, the almost 2-inch-thick extension above the rear diffuser has the appearance of a diaper, as it awkwardly protrudes out from the rear bumper. For your consideration, we have included picture galleries of the Canadian model along with the images from the car's US release at the end of the post.

The bumper guard isn't the only extra tacked onto the Evo in Canada. There's also a bit of a price disparity that comes with it. The Canadian Evo GSR is set at $42,993, a $10,003 difference from US-market pricing, while the WRX STI, including navigation, is priced at $46,590 -- a difference of $7,121. Fans of the Subaru WRX STI can also note that, unlike the Evo, the new Canadian scoobies do not require added stick-ons. The matter may not sway the diehard Mitsubishi fan, but it might not be enough to win over those on the cusp.

Thanks for the tip Marc!

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