Rumormill: Adam Carolla to host Top Gear USA?

Recent news about NBC's quest to create a Top Gear for the United States has brought forth rumors of potential hosts. First, names like Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfield were offered up to great debate. Now another name with an extensive hosting resume but no previous ties to the peacock network is heading up the leader board. That name is Adam Carolla, formerly of Loveline and The Man Show. Carolla is no stranger to the land of automotive enthusiasm, either. He owns a BRE replica Datsun 510 that once graced the cover of Grassroots Motorsports. The rest of the horses in his stable aren't too shabby either, like an E30 BMW M3, for instance. No official word has come out of NBC on the matter, but an excited Carolla decided to spill the beans on his radio show, anyway.
[Source: 97.1 Free FM via VW Vortex, Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty]

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