Rumormill: Leno or Seinfeld could host NBC Top Gear

If you found the news that NBC had struck a deal for an American version of Top Gear promising, the latest speculation on candidates for hosting the show should have you salivating. The original British program on the BBC uses a mix of automotive journalists and television personalities to make the dynamic and beloved team of hosts. Since Clarkson, May and Hammond nixed the idea of hosting the American show as well, BBC producers then began interviewing American automotive journalists – um, I'm still waiting for my call – in an effort to imbue the new show with some "journalistic credibility", but Inside Line reports that the BBC called several of the candidates this week and told them they were taking a "celebrity direction".

The development has inevitably led to speculation over who NBC could sign to host the show, and like a racing team looking for a new driver, it all comes down to availability. Jay Leno's contract to host the Tonight Show, it has been pointed out, is set to expire next year, and his credentials as a certified car nut are unimpeachable. Another candidate is Jerry Seinfed, an avid Porsche enthusiast who's got a lot of time on his hands since his sitcom went off the air. Both are huge celebrities and genuine gear-heads with long-standing relationships with NBC. We also hear Scott Speed is available if they're looking for The Stig's American cousin... or a new Captain Slow.

[Source: Inside Line, Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty]

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