Geneva '08 Preview: Th!nk's series hybrid sedans to be released in 2011

Recently, we told you Th!nk would introduce a larger car made by one of the top three American automakers. Green Wombat has more details on the car thanks to coffee with Th!nk's Jan-Olaf Willums at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco. The car is a stylish and aerodynamic five-seat, four-door sedan, made by an unnamed Fortune 100 automaker and will be released in 2011. We'll be able to confirm this for ourselves when it is introduced at the Geneva Motor Show next week. The car will also be electric and include a range extender which I believe supports my pet theory that the unnamed automaker is GM.

You don't have to wait until 2011 for new things from Th!nk. According to Willums, Th!nk's two seater will be delivered to customers in March and introduced to Paris and the UK this week with production ramping up to 10,000 cars a year by the end of 2008. Th!nk hopes to have a plant in the United States by 2009, too. When asked if they were competing with Tesla, Willums said "We won't compete with Tesla. ... The Tesla will be more a BMW; we'll be more the Volkswagen."

[Source: Green Wombat]

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