TRD HiLux to make official debut in Melbourne. Honest.

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Toyota Australia is finally ready to unleash TRD HiLux. The concept version bowed a year ago, and while the production truck was shown at the Brisbane show earlier this month (supposedly its "official" debut), the officially official debut is taking place tomorrow in Melbourne, where this all began way back when. To back that up, additional photos of the supercharged TRD HiLix have been released along with a new press release, but Toyota is still being coy with the hard numbers. All the Aussie division says is that the blown 4.0L will make around 25% more power and 20% more torque than the standard-issue HiLux SR5 Double Cab's mill, while consuming a bit less fuel, to boot. Toyota will presumably confirm the final power and torque figures tomorrow, which we expect to be around 300 hp / 330 lb-ft. That's enough to let the TRD HiLux make the 0 - 62 mph (100 km/h) sprint in under 7.5 seconds. Our friends Down Under get to pound on the new sport truck in April, when it joins the TRD Aurion in showrooms. Follow the jump for Toyota's latest (but probably not the last) press release.

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Toyota's new TRD HiLux sports ute achieves better fuel economy while significantly improving performance compared with the standard vehicle.

TRD chief engineer Stephen Castles said the supercharged TRD HiLux uses a fraction less fuel than the naturally aspirated engine in the HiLux SR5 double cab.

"TRD HiLux is more fuel-efficient while power increases more than 25 per cent and torque by almost 20 per cent," Mr Castles said.

"The standard HiLux 4.0-litre V6 petrol engine produces maximum torque of 376Nm at 3800rpm, which makes it a terrific workhorse," he said.

"Our TRD engineers focused on excellent low to mid-range torque to give TRD HiLux even more pulling power.

"In fact, from just above idle right through to around 5700rpm, the TRD HiLux generates more torque than the standard vehicle's maximum.

"As a result, we have achieved a 0-100km/h acceleration time in the low seven-second range."

Mr Castles said the supercharged engine is Euro IV-compliant.

He said the Eaton M90 supercharger and intercooler were developed jointly by TRD, Toyota Motor Sales (US) and Magnuson Products Inc.

TRD HiLux has undergone extensive testing, including hot-weather hill-climbs and towing in central Australia, high-speed and load tests at Phillip Island and Winton raceways, plus cold-weather tests at Mt Hotham.

"TRD HiLux will have improved grip under all conditions, with sharper steering and handling," Mr Castles said.

"Bigger brakes result in shorter stopping distances and greater resistance to fade.

"Overall, drivers will notice a flatter, more controlled body motion with enhanced ride comfort that is more in keeping with an SUV than a truck.

"We are also proud of the fact that the TRD enhancements have improved the renowned off-road capabilities of the HiLux," he said.

TRD HiLux, which features 17-inch alloy wheels, is being officially unveiled at the Melbourne International Motor Show from 29 February ahead of its April launch.

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