Junk food slows down world-record round-the-globe biker

If you filled your car up with craptastic gasoline, it would not run very well. Something similar could be said about the human body, and if you happen to be attempting to set a new World Record for bicycling around the world, your body running poorly is quite serious indeed. According to Mark Beaumont from Scotland, the man who just set that particular World Record, both the United States and Australia offered no healthy alternatives for him to eat, so he had to fill up on junk food. "There were no healthy options - and it had a massive effect on my mental focus and body strength," Beaumont told The Guardian. In Australia, that meant eating Mars bars and tins of baked beans. He doesn't specifically say what he ate here in the States, but McDonalds and Burger Kings were probably lining the streets wherever he went. Granola stations, as you may already know, are in shorter supply. Oh well, he made it around the globe and smashed the previous record by 81 days.

[Source: The Guardian via Treehugger]

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