Hybrids dominate European Lexus sales

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Lexus has announced that they sold 16,800 vehicles with Lexus Hybrid Drive (aka Hybrid Synergy Drive) in Europe in 2007, their best performance yet. Toyota's premium brand is dominating the premium hybrid segment in Europe. Not hard to do considering they are the only manufacturer offering premium hybrids. Thirty-eight percent of all the Lexus models sold in Western Europe last year were hybrids, up from twenty-six percent in 2006. Interestingly the LS600h has accounted for fifty-six percent of LS sales since its launch in July. Here in the U.S., the LS600h accounts for well under ten percent of sales. Similarly, the RX400h accounts for eighty-six percent of RX sales in Europe while, here they were only about seventeen percent last year. Given the relative disinterest in hybrids in Europe, these numbers seem unusual.

[Source: Lexus]

Lexus Hybrid Drive sales continue to grow

• Lexus continues to lead the premium market with hybrid technology. In 2007, 16,800 vehicles with Lexus Hybrid Drive were sold in Europe.
• 70,000 tonnes quantifiable reduction in CO2 emissions (*) in Europe due to Lexus Hybrid Drive sales.

Lexus Hybrid Drive

Lexus remains the only premium manufacturer offering hybrid technology. The Lexus Hybrid Drive range consists of the RX 400h, the GS 450h and the flagship LS 600h. In 2007, Lexus has sold 16,800 Lexus Hybrid Drive vehicles in Europe, up from 13,200 units in 2006.

Lexus' full hybrids, such as the LS 600h with its 165 kW electric motor, offer exceptionally powerful performance with greatly reduced emissions. They even allow for emission-free electric driving, for instance in urban environments.

Lexus Hybrid Drive has proven a major attraction for European buyers. In 2007, 38% of all Western-European Lexus customers have opted for Lexus Hybrid Drive, up from 26% in 2006. Of the RX and GS ranges respectively, 86% and 55% of vehicles sold featured Lexus Hybrid Drive. Since the LS 600h went on sale in July, it accounts for 56% of LS range sales.

Since introduction in 2005, European Lexus Hybrid Drive sales have saved over 70,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions (*).

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