Canadian ecoAuto program killed after only two years

When the Canadian government announced its ecoAuto program a year ago, it was immediately controversial. By offering tax rebates to drivers who bought more cars with mileage above an specified level and applying extra taxes to thirstier vehicles, certain vehicles where left out in the cold. Setting arbitrary thresholds means that cars just above or below threshold might get comparable real world mileage but some buyers get the rebate while others don't. In this case, the Honda Fit was left out while the Toyota Yaris got the rebate. Since almost no one was entirely happy with the program, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has decided to let the program expire next year after the initial two-year run. As a replacement, Flaherty has announced that the federal government will provide $250 million over the next five years to help the auto industry develop greener technologies. Thanks to Darin for the tip!

[Source: Globe and Mail via EcoModder]

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