Part pony, part Vette -- it's Frankenstang!

A reader named Brad came across this particular Star Trek transporter accident in a movie theater parking lot and was thoughtful enough to immortalize the moment for us. The car is an SN95 Mustang, which in itself is completely unremarkable. What makes it "special" is its S197 Mustang GT front clip and C5 Corvette rump. Don't look for the 'Vette flags back there, either. A galloping pony resides in the space between those oval taillamps. It's all very goofy, and what's with the exhaust placement? If you're going to put in the effort to graft that Corvette booty on there, why not take the extra time to route the exhaust so the tips sit in the Chevy's factory location? Then again, maybe the more relevant question is, why do this at all? Oh, well -- to each his own. Thanks, Brad!
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