New York '08 Preview: Milner ElectriCar plug-in hybrid

Some of you may recall the AirCar that was created a couple of years ago by Milner Motors. Well, to date, the Milner AirCar has yet to reach lift-off velocity and has only managed to roll around on solid ground. Now the Milner team has sliced off most of the wings and is preparing to install a plug-in hybrid power-train to create the ElectriCar. The specs for the ElectriCar list an 11kWh battery which provides energy to a pair of 15hp electric motors which turn the rear wheels. Milner claims the car can run electrically for two hours or 120 miles before the 125cc engine switches on to charge the batteries. According to the website, Milner has contracted a company to do safety engineering work on the ElectriCar so that it can meet federal safety standards. Milner will apparently be at the New York Auto Show next month, so we'll be looking into how real this thing really is.

[Source: Milner]

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