Peugeot to produce pretty 308 RC-Z

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PSA is putting its very attractive 308 RC-Z into series production, and will make a formal announcement at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. When we saw this curvaceous coupe in in Frankfurt last year, German flooded our imagination. As has been previously pointed out, there's a lot of Audi TT in the roofline, and the side elevation evokes the Karmann Ghia. We can give Peugeot a pass on that, since the car's designer is German, and there are worse fates than aping two very stylish coupes.

The design hides easter eggs for alert viewers, too. The roof and backlight are formed from polycarbonate and use a double bubble shape to increase headroom for occupants, while at the same time evoking racers by Zagato. The upkick in the doors where they meet the rear quarter windows also offers visual amusement, too. Underhood is a direct-injected, 218-horsepower 1.6L four-cylinder that's shared with the MINI. With less than 2,700 pounds to haul around and Peugeot's storied suspension prowess, the grin might never leave your face.

The 308 RC-Z would be a great vehicle to lead Peugeot's return to the North American market. Many may remember unreliable chariots of woe when they think of Peugeot, but we can't shake our affection for the 405 Mi16. With small cars and coupes showing signs of life, now could be the time, and we think this car would sell better than useless crap on eBay. Thanks for the tip, vlatko!

[Source: AutoBild]

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