Spy Shots: Lamborghini LP550 gets ready for its debut

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Last week, Inside Line reported that Lamborghini would use the Geneva Motor Show to unveil a facelifted, juiced-up Gallardo that would take a new name: LP550. Now, Brenda Priddy's spies have caught the updated Lambo covered head-to-toe in black tape. That's OK, though, because the car's updated details remain visible, and you can now get an idea of what's in store for Geneva. In front, the two primary intakes retain their shape, but the front air dam itself is now much deeper and more pronounced, with a pair of new struts hanging down and framing what appears to be a third, central intake below the front bumper. New vents also adorn the leading edges of the front wheel wells. Out back, a new rear fascia incorporates reshaped (thinner) grillework for engine heat dissipation, as well as rehaped openings for the exhausts, which now use double-barreled tips. As Inside Line originally reported, the car's V10 grows to displace 5.2 liters and dishes out 550 horsepower. According to Priddy's shooter, it's also very quiet at idle. Don't worry, though -- the photographer also reports that it makes all the right noises under power. We'll be there when the big reveal happens in Geneva. In the meantime, you can compare the spy pics to shots of the current Gallardo to see the differences.

An Italian mag has published shots of the real thing -- scans are in the spy shot gallery. The revised front and rear ends are there for you to see sans tape. The rear grillework is now a single piece that stretches the width of the car. Overall, it looks good.

[Source: Brenda Priddy & Co.]

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