GM subsidizing E85 at $0.85/gallon for a day in LA. Yes, LA.

If we could know about all the deep, deep discounts on ethanol far enough in advance, there's a good chance we could drive across America on E85 for like $10. Sure, you'd need to spend a lot of time in Minnesota or Iowa, but the latest subsidized ethanol offer will be available to flex-fuel vehicle drivers in Los Angeles (Brentwood). Like most of these promotions, we learn about them just a few days in advance. The details for this one are that next Tuesday, for two hours, GM will be running an ethanol promotion at the Conserv Fuel located at 11699 San Vicente Blvd. What's the deal? 85 cents a gallon for E85. If you live nearby, check your vehicle's badges or manual. GM says that many people don't know their car can accept E85. Now would be a good time to find out.
[Source: GM]

GM Offers LA Drivers E85 Ethanol for 85 Cents a Gallon

FlexFuel Vehicle Promotion Targets Ethanol Infrastructure Growth

BRENTWOOD, Calif. – The rising price of gasoline is hard to avoid in Los Angeles, but owners of the more than 46,000 FlexFuel vehicles capable of running on E85 ethanol are about to get a break this Tuesday – paying only 85.9 cents a gallon for the cleaner, alternative fuel.

On February 26th from noon to 2:00 p.m., Conserv Fuel at 11699 San Vicente Blvd. in Brentwood will offer E85 ethanol for 85 cents a gallon.

And General Motors is paying the bill.

GM is sponsoring the promotion to help raise awareness about the first station in Los Angeles to offer E85 ethanol, and to encourage drivers of FlexFuel vehicles to use this cleaner, renewable fuel instead of gasoline.

"At GM, we believe the biofuel with the greatest potential to displace petroleum-based fuels and help reduce tailpipe carbon gas emissions in the United States is ethanol, and so we have made a major commitment to vehicles that can run on E85 ethanol," said Susan Docherty, general manager of GM's 16-state Western Region, which includes California.

With more than 2.5 million FlexFuel vehicles on the road today, GM is the automotive industry leader in producing vehicles that run on E85 ethanol. That number is expected to double by 2010, with annual production of E85-capable vehicles reaching 400,000. For the 2008 model year, GM offers 11 FlexFuel models, identifiable by FlexFuel exterior badging and yellow gasoline caps.

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