Former McLaren designer targets Lotus with new sportscar

It turns out that the McLaren F1 project was a point of departure for its creators. Gordon Murray, the chief designer, went his own way and is preparing to revolutionize the city car. Several of his colleagues stayed at McLaren's road car division to develop the Mercedes SLR, while others presumably returned to the racing division. A few former McLaren engineers went on to work on the Caparo T1, and now another one of the designers, Jim Dowle, has revealed plans for his own sportscar.

Although the car is just entering the clay-model stage and doesn't even have a name yet, PistonHeads has some preliminary details. Dowle's sportscar will reportedly carry a £35k price tag and will target the Lotus Exige but be more usable. The target weight is 870kg, and while the definitive powertrain has yet to be determined, the package calls for 200 horsepower mounted in the middle of the aluminum/carbon chassis. We'll have to keep our eyes pealed, because if the project ever makes it to even limited production, it promises to be one hell of a ride.

[Source: PistonHeads]

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