Chery hybrids will make up the majority of Beijing Olympic's official fleet

Chinese hybrids are going to make a big splash at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Chery won the contract to provide fifty of the eighty cars in the official traffic service, and all will be hybrids. Dubbed "Olympics Green Messengers," the hybrids include forty Chery BSGs and ten Chery ISGs, which are based on the Chery A5 sedan (pictured).

We were clued in that hybrids would play a significant role in the Olympics (a giant advertising event) when GM said it would introduce the Buick LaCrosse Hybrid at the games. Considering China is literally part-owner of all the country's automakers that hope to market hybrids around the world soon, it's no surprise GM is going to be upstaged by Chinese hybrids when the opening ceremonies take place August 8.

[Source: Auto Spectator]

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