REPORT: Alan Mulally wants an FG Falcon

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But is he getting one for himself? One could certainly infer that's the case based on this GoAuto article, which reports that the Ford CEO was so blown away by the Falcon G6E Turbo he sampled at an Australian test facility that he told Trevor Worthington (Ford Australia's product-development veep), "I want one." And that brings us to the question of the day: is the head of Ford really bringing over a new Falcon for himself to drive? Because while we in the peanut gallery generally agree that the Blue Oval stuff in Europe and Australia has it all over the American-market offerings (Mustang and F-Series excluded), there would be no greater acknowledgment of this than the CEO of Ford cruising around in a desirable RHD-only Aussie sedan while we make do with the Taurus, which even the execs recently made fun of. Americans will need to wait for the arrival of the new global RWD platform that's set to underpin multiple US-market rear-drivers sometime in the early 2010s, assuming Ford doesn't hedge like GM and use CAFE as an excuse to temper expectations regarding RWD models in the States.

UPDATE: We caught up with the folks at Ford this evening, and can now report that Alan Mulally is not bringing over a Falcon for his own personal use. We do believe the part of the GoAuto story where he's bowled over by the Falcon, though.

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