GM: the battery is not the problem with EVs, it's everything else!

GM chimed in on the "why is the EV (electric car) so hard to make discussion?" in the Detroit News today. Toyota has said battery production is the biggest hurdle. GM, on the other hand, says that batteries are important but once that's solved (which you could argue happens in the Volt) you still have many significant problems. Frank Weber, GM's guy in charge the electric car program, said, "The battery is important, but all the other components are electrified as well. ... There is not an established supplier community for this. It's a very complicated system with known technological solutions. But they've never been integrated in these forms." GM is not backing off its stated 2010 release date for the Volt but you can add to the list of "what's so hard about making an EV?" the lack of a supplier base to mass-produce the electric car.

I think this is great news! Car makers are having significant problems trying to mass produce electric cars. Why is this good? Because it shows they are trying to mass-produce electric cars.

[Source: Detroit News]

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