Geneva '08 Preview: KTM to reveal details on X-Bow Dallara Series

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Customers have been anxiously awaiting the delivery of their track-ready X-Bows, and with pre-orders growing by the day, KTM plans to reward the first 1000 buyers with the special-edition Dallara Series.

The limited edition model, as we reported previously, will be finished in "Gleaming White" paint instead of the bright orange we'd been seeing beforehand, and named for the Italian racing chassis manufacturer with which KTM partnered for the X-Bow's development. Unfortunately, even after its debut at the Autosport Internantional show in Birmingham (in England, not Alabama), KTM still hasn't released the technical details that set the Dallara Series apart from the subsequent "ordinary" models that will follow, however sources indicate that all the juicy details will finally be revealed at the Geneva show, so stay tuned.

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