E-vade track tool unveiled ahead of Melbourne Motor Show

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We've already seen some shots of Australia's own Ariel Atom/KTM X-Bow contender, but the mom and pop operation from Down Under has officially unveiled its E-Vade track car ahead of the Melbourne Motor Show.

The glorified go-kart looks like it came out of someone's garage, which it did, but it's already undergone testing at the VACC karting track in Port Melbourne. The E-Vade tips the scales at a rather portly 2,094 pounds, but the 402-hp, twin-turbo'd Nissan V6 mounted out back should be able to entertain both the driver and his wind-blown passenger. A track-only version is also planned producing (gulp) 670 hp, with both models sending power to a five-speed gearbox produced by Albins Off Road Gear. A six-speed cog swapper is also reportedly in the works.

While we're a bit skeptical about how such a wee-beastie can handle all that grunt with such a short wheelbase, we're looking forward to seeing a shoot-out between the E-Vade, the X-Bow and the Atom. Throw in a Se7en for good measure and it should make for an epically good time at the track.

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