E-Vade to invade Melbourne Motor Show

Click the image above for a high-res gallery of the E-Vade.

We've had a hard time keeping tabs on all the different track rats popping up over the years. The Se7en used to be the benchmark by which all other barely road legal rods were measured by -- then along came the Ariel Atom. After that, it was the KTM X-Bow and in the wake of those two open-air menaces, the floodgates began to open. So it's with a certain amount of relief that we've found a track toy that won't be for sale anytime soon, despite its official unveiling at the Melbourne Motor Show next month.

The E-Vade is the pet project of David Walter and his wife, Peta, who have been working on the wee beastie for the last six years. The E-Vade is a two-seat roadster with a twin-turbocharged Nissan 3.5-liter V6 mounted longitudinally amidships and producing 405 hp. The former naval Commander also plans on producing an even more minimalist version of the E-Vade that drops a few pounds and gets a bump in output to around 680 hp!

So far, the styling isn't anything to get hot and bothered by, but the built-in hydraulic jack and the 2,200-pound curb weight has us envisioning bombing Bathurst with only a helmet and a prayer. Again, Walter asserts that the E-Vade isn't meant for public consumption, but he says that if they do end up taking a few orders "then that's something extra."

[Source: World Car Fans]

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