A look into where the challenges lie: biofuel ignorance

I'm not trying to make fun of Shawn Dell Joyce's ignorance (the term ignorance is not inherently demeaning in any way - it's just often used that way), but when I say she was ignorant about biofuels, I mean she was terribly ignorant about biofuels. Joyce, a sustainable artist in New York, was recently educated about what defines the difference between the two and wrote an article. Her piece, called "The difference between ethanol and biodiesel," highlights to a huge biofuel ignorance that is is out there in the population and seems like a good topic to bring up. We've heard before about the 150,000 people who mis-fuel their tanks each year, and this is with the main fuel types being unleaded and diesel. Throw in E85 and B20 and now what've you got?

For all of our readers who are in the biofuels business, take heed of Joyce's lesson here. We'd got a lot of educatin' to do. Was a time when each of us didn't know the difference, right?

[Source: Sedona.biz]

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