Rumormill: Audi TTRS, RS5 on their way

We usually trust the guys at when talking about Audi because, well, that's their thing. So when they say that an upcoming ├╝ber TTRS is in the product plans for Audi's U.S. lineup, we're inclined to believe. The all-Audi website is betting that the super coupe will be powered by a beefed-up, turbocharged five-cylinder engine, which is not surprising considering that sister brand Volkswagen makes great use of a 2.5L five-cylinder in its lineup. For Audi, however, this engine would be producing upwards of 350 horsepower despite a rumor that it is even smaller in displacement at 2.3 liters. Of course, it will feature Audi's FSI direct injection system and Valvelift variable valve timing systems, which will improve both economy and power. Expect torque to be prodigious.

Meanwhile, speculation on the RS version of the Audi A5 is less certain, with a number of engines mentioned by other media outlets as being the car's mill of choice. A twin-turbo V10 (unlikely), a naturally-aspirated V10 FSI (possible), forced-induction 4.2L FSI V8 (maybe), and the RS4's 4.2L V8 (could be) are all candidates and all promise 400+ horsepower.

After the unmitigated success of the R8, we have total faith Audi can produce a pair of RS coupes that keep our blood boiling. We're particularly excited by the prospect of a TT coupe with 350+ horsepower, as we've yet to drive a version of the bauhaus coupe that we felt was fast enough.


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