PickupPal makes carpooling an online, financial thing

In the middle of January, a new website aimed at getting people to car-share was launched over at PickupPal.com. The website's CTO, Eric Dewhirst, describes its carpooling model this way:

PickupPal is like eBay for transportation - you say where you want to go and people bid on taking you there. We launched January 15th and are founders-funded and currently closing a Friends and Family round. Our revenue model is based on 7% commission if we hook you up with someone who is going your way and needs a ride.

Eric says that because people are motivated by money, "carpooling and ride sharing is attractive to the masses when getting paid is involved." And, even though there is a little green footprint signifying carbon reduction on the bottom of the PickupPal site, Eric says that his organization downplays the CO 2 reduction angle so they "don't scare away the masses." The idea behind the site is to simply get more people into fewer cars; that'll reduce carbon emissions whether the participants know what they're doing or not. If you've tried PickupPal, let us know your experience -- positive or negative -- in the comments.

[Source: PickupPal]

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