HUMMER readies H2 Silver Ice Limited Edition, H3 Championship Edition

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HUMMER has a pair of special edition trucks on the way, in the same vein as last year's H2 Victory Red Limited Edition. So, without further ado, we'll start with the one that sends Sierra Club do-gooders into fits of Tourette's, the H2. The H2 Silver Ice Limited Edition takes factory blingtacularization to new heights of brightness, starting with the rig's exclusive Silver Ice monochrome paint scheme. The grille, hood vents, and side extractors all get coated in the stuff, and the chrome appearance package dresses up the 20" wheels and other trim elements. Inside, it's pretty well loaded, right down to the rear-seat entertainment system. The package can be had for both the SUT ($65,230) and SUV ($67,595) body styles, and a total of 750 will be built (500 in the US, 250 in other markets).

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The other vehicle being offered is the H3 Championship Edition, a nod to the H3 Alpha that won the Baja 1000 Full Stock class last year. As such, the CE gets the Alpha's V8 drivetrain plus 33" tires, a grille guard, skid plates, fender sill extensions, and a decal aft of the (faux) hood louvers to create a stripe effect. The shocks and brake calipers are painted red, and the rest of the car is doused in Ultra Silver Metallic paint. Pricing for the H3 Championship Edition starts at $39,206, before you start adding stuff like the optional wheels and cab lights you see here. Both it and the previously-mentioned H2 Silver Ice arrive this April

[Source: HUMMER]

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