Wienermobile down!

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile may be the most unique and recognizable vehicle on American roads, but even a 7,000-pound hot dog can spin out of control on a patch of ice. The 27-foot-long rolling tribute to pig lips and chicken necks lost its footing and spun into an embankment on highway 15 in Pennsylvania on its way to Penn State for a recruiting visit. Neither of the two women riding in the flailing frankfurter were hurt in the incident, and a tow truck was able to get the over-sized sausage back onto the road.

We're not sure how fast the two women were driving the Wienermobile when the spin-out occured, but this incident only proves that even giant wieners can benefit from stability control. Click the read link below for a lot more bad hot dog humor.

Thanks for the tip, bakerlaw67!

[Source: Star-Gazette]

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