NBC giving away GT500KR... just like KITT?

Having given away a vehicle here on Autoblog, we have first hand knowledge of how much crap is involved in such an endeavor. Before our sweepstakes could happen, dozens of lawyers were called in to comb the official rules and inspect the wording of every mention we made. They were searching for mistakes that an enterprising entrant could use to "get us".
So aside from telling you that NBC is having a sweepstakes to give away some cars in conjunction with the Knight Rider movie that airs this Sunday, we wanted you to look closely at their wording, which might aid you should you win. The prizes are one of four Ford vehicles, including a Focus, Fusion with SYNC, an Edge and a "Limited Edition Ford Shelby GT500KR... just like KITT!" Catch that last part? If you're the winner and NBC delivers a boring jet black Shelby GT500KR to your door, turn them away. Demand pulsing red lights in the hood nostrils. Insist on seeing the car shape shift before your eyes. And if there's no Attack Mode, send it back.

To enter and even have a shot at winning, you're going to have to watch the show, which airs on NBC this Sunday at 9PM EST. Afterwards you'll need to answer questions related to the show you just saw, so you'll have to pay attention, too (sorry!). Thanks for the tip, Philippe!

[Source: NBC via Cars + Movies]

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