Vinnie and Cody from OCC create their own custom bike company

Where did Vinnie go? Ever since the American Chopper episode where it was revealed that Vincent DiMartino was leaving for greener pastures and new opportunities, fans of the show have wondered what he was up to. The answer is that he's still building custom motorcycles, just for his own company: V-Force Customs. Not only that, but Cody Connelly, also from Orange County fame, has joined forces with Vinnie in the creation of their own custom bike operation. The company is currently working on its shop in New York, but plans to introduce its first bike at Daytona Beach for Bike Week 2008. February 29th is coming up pretty quickly, so we should be getting some more information soon enough. After touring for a year, the dynamic duo will be giving the bike to one lucky customer.

If you're interested in knowing more, the company has set up a web forum, and it appears that both Vinnie and Cody occasionally make it there to communicate with fans directly. Considering that Vinnie was one of the best things about OCC, we are pretty sure he'll do alright for himself and look forward to seeing his first solo effort in Daytona. For a very grainy and low-quality preview of what they are working on, check out our gallery below.

[Source: V-Force Customs]

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