Toyota seriously considering A-BAT: The Prius of pickups?

click above for a high-res gallery of the Toyota A-BAT concept

We've harped on the fact that this market is ready for a small truck that splits the difference between full-sizers of today and compact pickups of yore. While many in the industry are skeptical about whether such a vehicle could be a sales success, Toyota is looking hard at the A-BAT concept, which debuted in Detroit as a vehicle that could slot in below the Tacoma.

Toyota execs are keeping a close eye on how the public responds to the hybrid trucklet while it makes the rounds of the national show circuit, and hopes that it garners the same amount of interest that the FJ Cruiser concept did, which was instrumental in bringing it to market.

While it's debatable that a hybrid truck sporting some of the high-tech features and unibody structure of the A-BAT is a viable product, the idea might be sound, and Toyota wants to be at the forefront of the small truck revolution if it does come to fruition.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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