French researchers slam hybrids, say they block other innovations

French researchers Jean-Jacques Chanaron Research and Julius Teske have taken the growing fondness for gas-electric hybrid vehicles to task. In a new article in the International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management the pair assert that the focus on hybrids, especially in the U.S., may be putting the brakes on developing other technologies. They don't feel that hybrid technology is sustainable over the long term and claim that fuel cell technology may be the best long-term solution. One major problem they see with hybrids is a lack of profitability. While there is some logic to their arguments, the reality is that - while most automakers are working on hybrids - the auto industry already recognizes that current hybrid technology won't earn vehicle the gains necessary to meet upcoming regulatory requirements and they are looking at other solutions.

[Source: PureGreenCars, thanks to Domenick for the tip]

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