Nissan attempting to reduce markups on GT-R orders

Pre-orders for the 2009 Nissan GT-R have already begun, with 691 certified dealers across the US ready to service the new offering. The expected sales volume is in the range of 2,500 vehicles for the first year and 1,500 anually after that. Do the math and you'll see the equation adds up to limited consumer availability. Mix that with high demand and you know that markups follow. Eager enthusiasts are up in arms over the possibility that their greatest desire might he priced out of reach as a result. Even Nissan expects to see its dealers make an attempt to cash in.

Hoping to alleviate fears of $60,000 fees tacked onto the $70,000 GT-R, Nissan North America spokesman Darryll Harrison spoke with Inside Line about the automaker's actions aimed at curtailing dealer markup. After all, Nissan worked hard to create a high performance machine that sits in a more affordable price range and it wants it to reach its originally intended consumers. Harrison revealed that not only is Nissan requiring all GT-R sales to go through dealership management staff, but paperwork must also be filed with Nissan North America's regional sales offices. The term "counsel" was used to describe the interaction between the dealership and regional sales office. What this "counseling" entails is unknown, but sounds like it involves discouraging dealerships from engaging in egregious rip-off artistry. How successful this approach will be remains to be seen.

[Source: Inside Line]

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