Fiat 500 Pepita sets gold standard for small cars

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Every year in Rome is held a luxury show called the Scrigno, Tesori d'Italia, which roughly translates to mean the Italian Treasure Chest. Last year we showed you a Maserati Quattroporte by Studio M that was dipped in gold. To be more specific, it's paint was mixed 24k gold powder. The 2008 event concluded today and we wanted to show you what Studio M had on display this year. Called the Fiat 500 Pepita, it is Italy's iconic small car painted with the same 24k gold micro-powder paint as last year's Maserati. Studio M went a bit further this time by modifying the 500 Pepita even more. The side walls of the tires are also brushed with gold and frame a set of aftermarket wheels from OZ; the dash has been covered with Australian mother of pearl inlay; the gear shift, hand brake and pedals are lined with Swarovski crystals and the designer floor mats are made out of cashmere. The car you see in the gallery below costs about 60,000 euro, but Studio M is more than happy to customize one for you by upholstering the interior with the skin of crocodile, snake, shark, rayfish or lizard, as well as dumping the Swarovski crystal for one of 48 other precious stones. Sure, it's a bit ironic that a small economy car has been made to epitomize the luxurious tastes of wealthy Italians, but we've heard time and again that Europeans are willing to pay more for small cars over there.

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[Source: via Autoblog Spanish]

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