Cars being stolen in Scotland and returned before morning

If you car comes up missing here in the U.S., you probably don't want it back once the thieves are done with it. Over in Scotland, they do things differently, even illegal things. Police say someone in southeast Scotland's Borders area is sneaking into houses, taking car keys and going for rides in the homeowners' cars. In this country, that'd be the end of it until the police found your Malibu up on cinder blocks in a bad neighborhood. The Scottish twist, however, is that the next morning all these cars are right where they were parked the day before. The burglar has struck at least eight times, and so far, only one car has ended up crashed.
The only things that tip people their car has been stolen are finding their keys in strange places and discovering more miles on their odometers. Sometimes lots of miles. Until the thief is nabbed, we recommend the Scottish keep their tanks empty and their keys on the nightstand.

[Source: BBC via PistonHeads]

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