Mean and Roofless: Noble M12 roadster concept by Salica

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Chopping the top off of a supercar is usually a pretty good way for a small carmaker to increase interest in a dying model, but Noble evidently thought there wasn't enough interest when it shelved plans for an M12 GTC. The gents at Salica Cars think that was a mistake, but they're glad to pick up the ball.

Salica has taken on several former Noble employees to offer an open-air conversion for existing M12 owners. The ???20k chop-job is undertaken at Salica's workshop in Bristol, England, and consists of fitting a one-piece lightweight removable roof that can be stowed under the car's rear clamshell, and a new front-end with a proper luggage compartment. Salica also fits a new intercooler and radiators. Although it has yet to materialize into anything beyond some sketches, the result promises to be a marked improvement over the stock M12's closed cockpit. But Salica isn't going to stop there: the company has plans to release a more thoroughly modified version, called the Salica GT, also based on the M12 but taking the idea further with new mechanicals and a 460-hp twin-turbo V6, which Salica hopes to offer by August with a £65,000 sticker price. Considering the final 352-hp GTO3R version of the M12 cracked 60 in three and a half seconds, the Salica GT should be one mighty fast dose of wind in your hair.

[Source: Salica Cars via Autocar]

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