Porsche unveils GT3 Cup S racer

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Endurance racing fans have a new Porsche to look for on the circuit this year. The automaker has unveiled the GT3 Cup S racing car, which can be used in FIA GT3 events. It combines a more powerful version of the 3.6L engine used in the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup and the Carrera Cup series cars thanks to changes to the exhaust and engine management systems. The GT3 Cup S makes 440 horses and 317 lb-ft of torque. The intimidating bodywork is based on the GT2-class GT3 RSR instead of the more production-looking Supercup/Carrera Cup cars, and the GT3 Cup S also sports upgraded suspension components and bigger brakes. Cost of entry is steep -- €250,000 plus VAT -- but no one ever said racing was for the faint-of-heart (or wallet). Owners of '07 GT3 Cup cars can have their cars upgraded to Cup S spec for a price as well. While it's not as slinky-sexy as the new Jaguar XKR GT3 car, the Porsche should be seen in heavy numbers and on many podiums during the coming season. Press release and tech specs pasted after the jump.

[Source: Porsche]

Porsche GT3 Cup S

Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, adds another member of
the 911 family to its range of products. The new GT3 Cup S, based on the
road-going GT3 RS sportscar, is created exclusively for racing purposes.
The Weissach-developed and built vehicle will race in international
champion-ships which run in accordance with FIA GT3 regulations.

To a large extent, the 3.6-litre boxer engine is identical to the power
unit used in the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup and the international Carrera Cup
championships. Power output has increased by 20 horsepower to now 440 hp
(324 kW) at 8,000 rpm. Maximum torque is up by ten Nm to 430 at 7,250 revs
per minute. The power increase results from optimised engine electronics
and a modified exhaust system.

In contrast to the GT3 Cup, the body of the Cup S is not based on the
road-going GT3 but on the GT3 RS. In the wider wheel arches, considerably
larger wheels can now be mounted. At the front, the rims measure 10.5
inches in width with 12 inch wheels fitted at the rear. The front section
and flares are significantly different to the GT3 Cup components. An
adjustable front-splitter generates more downforce at the front axle. The
rear-wing is wider and positioned higher than the Cup version and provides
more downforce at the rear axle.

Several suspension components for the GT3 Cup S have been taken from the
more powerful GT3 RSR which races in the GT2 class at international
long-distance championships. The braking system of the GT3 Cup S was
adjusted to the increased power compared to the GT3 Cup. At the rear the
diameter of the brake discs has grown by five millimetres to now measure

The new GT3 Cup S costs 250,000 Euro plus national VAT and is scheduled for
delivery to customer teams from April. Additionally, Porsche offers a kit
to upgrade the 2007 Cup models to the GT3 Cup S standard.

Technical Specifications Porsche GT3 Cup S

Power Unit

Water-cooled six-cylinder boxer; 3,598 cc; stroke 76.4 mm; bore 99.98 mm;
max output 440 bhp (324 kW); max torque 430 Nm; max engine speed 8,400 rpm;
four-valve technology; dry sump lubrication; two-stage resonance intake
distributor; central air intake; electronic MS 3.1 engine management; fuel
injection (multi-point, sequential); fuel grade 98 RON premium plus

Power Transmission

Six-speed gearbox with sequential jaw-type shift; compressed oil
lubrication; oil/water heat exchanger; single-mass flywheel; hydraulic
disengagement lever; 5.5-inch three-plate carbon-fibre clutch; limited-slip
differential 40/60 %; rear-wheel drive.


Monocoque body made of hot-galvanised steel; aerodynamically optimised
front end with front spoiler; doors with side frames made of CFP and
plastic wing mirrors; aerodynamically optimised front underfloor;
adjustable rear wing; 100-litre safety fuel tank; air jack; welded-in
safety cage; bucket-type racing seat (on driver's side only) with
flame-resistant seat cover; six-point seat belt adapted for use of the HANS
Head and Neck Support; electric fire-extinguishing system


Front: McPherson spring strut axle; Sachs gas pressure dampers; double coil
springs (main and ancillary spring); front axle arms adjustable for camber;
adjustable sword-type anti-roll bar; power steering.
Rear: Multi-arm axle with rigidly mounted axle sub-frame; Sachs gas
pressure dampers; double coil springs (main and ancillary spring); rear
axle track arm adjustable for camber; rear axle tie-bar reinforced and
infinitely adjustable; adjustable sword-type anti-roll bar.
Complete suspension infinitely adjustable (height, camber, track).


Brake system with balance bar control.
Front: Single-piece six-piston aluminium fixed callipers;inner-vented, 380
mm in diameter; racing brake pads.
Rear: Single-piece four-piston aluminium fixed callipers; inner-vented, 355
mm in diameter; racing brake pads.


Front: Three-piece BBS light-alloy wheels (10.5J x 18); central locking;
Rear: Three-piece BBS light-alloy wheels (12J x 18); central locking;

Electrical System

Motec display with integrated data recording; battery: 12 volt, 50 Ah, 140
Ah alternator.


Approx 1,170 kg

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