G-Power Hurricane M5 takes the crown as fastest, road-legal BMW

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No, the G-Power Hurricane isn't one of Fifty-Cent's Smart concoctions; it's the new record holder for the fastest, street-legal BMW on the globe. The modified E60 M5 was clocked doing 225 mph (360 km/h) at Germany's Papenburg speed bowl this past weekend, taking the title from the AC Schnitzer Tension M6.

The M5's V10, which normally produces 507 hp, was tweaked to the tune of 730 hp through the use of the firm's Evo II twin-supercharger setup. The duo of belt-driven compressors huff around seven pounds of boost into each one of the cylinder banks, and partnered with a higher differential, the G-Power crew maintains the Hurricane could have reached 250 mph if rain and light snow hadn't caused traction issues.

[Source: World Car Fans]
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