Pics Aplenty: 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT and Eclipse Spyder

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Mitsubishi has seen fit to bestow upon us a whole slew of new high-res images showing the updated 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT and Eclipse Spyder doing their groove thing on the road. As we mentioned last week when we previewed the vehicle, the styling changes are evolutionary and include a new front end housing a blacked-out trapezoidal grille that mimics the maw of the Lancer Evolution, as well as a blacked out rear apron where a new dual exhaust system peeks out that provides the car's V6 with another 2 horsepower and 2 ft-lbs. of torque for a grand total of 265 and 262, respectively. We actually dig the new grille and think it works well with the already established body style of the Eclipse, and more power is more power (i.e. a good thing). But it's tough to overlook the fundamental flaws of the Eclipse, which include being a heavy front-wheel-drive coupe that shares a lineage with a certain much-missed all-wheel-drive, turbo-four pocket rocket.

[Source: Mitsubishi]

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