Geneva '08 Preview: Artega GT ready for delivery

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When we first saw the Artega GT at last year's Geneva auto show, we fell in love. The Fisker-designed sportscar looks like a synergetic cross between a Porsche Boxster and an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, but photogenic as it, it looks absolutely curvalicious in person. It took us a few minutes of drooling to realize that it was just a mock-up, and a mechanically functional prototype was shown months later in Frankfurt. (We fell in love with it all over again there.) Led by former Rolls Royce chief Klaus Dieter Frers, Artega is just about ready to begin delivery of the first editions, but not before it gives us another look at this year's Geneva show a little over a month from now.

For any ordinary person, €75,000 is a big hunk of change. But when you consider that you're getting an exclusive carbon fiber supercar about as common as an Alfa 8C Competizione, and arguably just as good-lookin', it suddenly seems like a bargain. (Funny how Fisker can do that.) Look forward to the details and live shots we'll be sure to bring you next month from Switzerland..

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