Iron Man Tony Stark gets a Tesla before anyone else does. Must be nice!

So, what's a guy gotta do in order to get on the Tesla preferred customer list? How about becoming a crime-fighting-billionaire-industrialist-and-inventor? It seems as if that would be enough, according to the screen-grab from the Iron Man Super Bowl ad above. The man who is iron has got a Tesla, in addition to some other pricey and less environmentally-friendly exotics. Questions have arisen over at Autoblog as to whether the Tesla deserves a parking spot among the other exotic machinery in Stark's garage. Our response: whatever, dude! Any billionaire worth his money-clip will surely be adding a Tesla to his arsenal of four-wheeled ticket-generators. He likely has a Koenigs-whatever in there too... just pan the shot back out a little bit. But, we digress... we're looking forward to seeing how much screen time the Tesla gets in this box office hit-to-be.

[Source: AICN via Autoblog]

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