Exxon is back at the top with record profits again

Ask yourself: what could possibly be better for Exxon Mobil than posting a record profit of $39.5 billion in 2006? Tough one, huh? How about beating that record-setting profit number with a new record of $40.6 billion the following year. Yeah, that'd do it! We've been covering the on-going record prices that a barrel of crude has been garnering over the last few months, and you can bet that Exxon has been tracking that same thing.

In case you were wondering, Exxon Mobil produces about three percent of the world's oil, making them the largest oil company in the nation. Numbers two and three, Chevron and ConocoPhillips, also recorded huge profits. Same story in Europe as well, as Royal Dutch Shell, Europe's largest oil company also made record profits of $31.3 billion. I'll remember that the next time it my tank is on empty.

[Source: Exxon Mobil]

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