Photoshop fun: Plymouth Chrysler Barracuda concept

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When Chrysler trotted out the 'Cuda concept this past November at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, our first thought, after wanting to give it our lunch money, was that it might be one of the few examples in recent memory where Chrysler's badge engineering boffins couldn't drop the ball. A Photoshop wizard from Sao Paulo, Brazil by the name of Rafael Reston figured that Chrysler wasn't working fast enough (if at all) and decided to mock up his own interpretation of a Barracuda revival. While we're not entirely sold on the styling cues he chose, which straddle the line between concept car gauche and an art student's waste basket, we still like the idea. But it's highly doubtful that Chrysler has the time or resources to pour into a low-volume seller that has the possibility of cannibalizing sales from the Challenger.

[Source: Serious Wheels via Carscoop]

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