Biodiesel blenders without licenses might face retrospective fines

If you're an unlicensed biodiesel blender in Australia, you'll probably want to pay close attention to the Australian Taxation Office's (ATO) upcoming Fuel Schemes Advisory Forum. That's when the ATO will decide if blenders who have been adding the biofuel to diesel without paying a charge will need to pay retrospective fines. The ATO will tell the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) its decision in March.
The issue is slightly technical - are "operators that blend and store biodiesel in a depot tank [...] manufacturing an excisable product and [do they need to] hold an excise licence" - but the impact could be easily felt by smaller blenders. Right now, "the ATO does not distinguish between those that sell blended fuels and those who blend fuel to use themselves," writes Blue's Country Magazine. If small blenders need to pay back taxes, the ATO might set in motion "unintended consequence," the ATA warns.

[Source: Blue's Country Magazine]

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