National Corvette Day coming to a calendar near you?

In 2001, Mid America Motorworks, an aftermarket Corvette parts supplier, started a drive to get the Corvette commemorated on a postal service stamp. In 2005 they got their wish. So what do you do after you get the object of your affection on a stamp? Get it a national day of recognition, of course.

Mid America, based in Effingham, Illinois, has put together a petition that it will deliver to Illinois Congressional Representative John Shimkus. Their hope is that Shimkus will get his cronies in Congress to declare June 30 -- the day Corvettes began rolling off the line in 1953 -- National Corvette Day. That's right, National Corvette Day. Said Mark Merkel of Mid America, "It is a popular piece of Americana and an integral part of American history and the automobile." If they succeed, we can only wonder what other requests for integral parts of American automobile history Congress will be asked to consider. National Edsel Day?

[Source: Inside Line]

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