Dale Earnhardt, Jr. + Creamy Caramel = Big Mo'

When NASCAR gets together with the food industry, the results can be very interesting. Take NASCAR-branded meat, for instance. While branded beef might be best for tailgating, Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s new candy bar called the Big Mo' is described as best when accompanied by "playing pool and just kicking back and having a good time like you always do." We're usually smoking and drinking when shooting pool rather than eating candy bars, but to each his own. Junior fans who've always wanted a taste of the NASCAR celebrity will soon be able to sink their teeth into this milk chocolate bar filled with either caramel or peanut butter. Junior himself was involved with the Big Mo's development, and by involved we mean he ate a lot of prototypes to get the taste just right. The big bar of NASCAR deliciousness is being produced by R.M. Palmer Company, a veritable no-name in the candy bar business that hopes to give Hershey and Mars a run for their money with its celebrity-backed candy bar. Hardcore Junior fans take note: there's a sweepstakes being held to promote the Big Mo's debut, the grand prize for which is a "Weekend at the Race" prize package that includes lunch with the driver himself. You have to buy a Big Mo' to enter, though. Good luck finding where they're sold.

Thanks for the tip, Chris!

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