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"Gentlemen, start your barbeques!" NASCAR-branded meats are here!

Admittedly, it's a few days before April Fools, but then again, this isn't a joke. NASCAR, America's favorite long distance runaround has become the stuff of marketing legend, with fans spending some $2.1 billion on officially licensed merchandise this past year alone. All of which is supposed to go some way towards justifying the existence of NASCAR-branded meats (“Taste the Excitement!”), but we’re still a little fuzzy on the whole deal. Presumably it has something to do with tailgating, but we think it's all a bunch of boloney.

Regardless, this is hardly NASCAR’s first foray into foods. Anyone ever read Chicken Soup for the NASCAR Lover’s Soul?

Feel free to PUNish Monogram Foods (maker of NASCAR meats) with your comments.

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(Tip-top, Craeza!)

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