Appearing now on the cafeteria stage: Betty Biodiesel

I recently received an email from Betty Biodiesel. I'm not quite sure how Ms. Biodiesel got my information, but how can I be mad at a woman who dresses up like a sunflower and talks to school children about biodiesel?
Since 2003, the Betty Biodiesel Organization (BBO) has been taking the biodiesel message to schools, mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area but also as far away as Lawrence, Kansas. The BBO's main project is the Biofuels4schools Clean Air for Kids Campaign, which aims to clean up the air inside of school buses by replacing the buses' diesel fuel with biodiesel made from recycled waste kitchen grease. The BBO walks with walk with Big Red Betty, a biodiesel tour coach used for shuttling students around and for touring.

For more on Betty Biodiesel, check out her blog or the comic based on her mission.

[Source: Betty Biodiesel]

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