Barrett-Jackson 2008: First production Corvette ZR1 goes for a cool million

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The automotive world waited what seemed like forever to get its first look at the 2009 Corvette ZR1, but one lucky bidder won't have to wait any longer to get into the driver's seat. The "first retailable unit built" ZR1 was snapped up with a final bid of $1,000,000, not including auction fees. The winning bidder, Dave Ressler, also bought the oldest available 1953 Corvette just a couple years ago at Barrett-Jackson for the exact same price. While the ZR1 on stage was not the actual one purchase, Ressler will get a one-of-one Le Mans blue version that no one else will get. All of the proceeds from the sale benefited The United Way, and everything over the $99,999 list price of the ZR1 will be tax deductible. Not a bad way to spend a million bucks!

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