Barrett-Jackson 2008: Chevrolet Corvette Rondine Concept hits $1.76 million

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Pininfarina, meet Corvette. Corvette, Pininfarina. This one-off 1963 concept car was created for the Paris Auto Show and has been stored at the Pininfarina museum since new. Chevrolet commissioned the design house to build the car, which is based on a 1963 Corvette chassis and has a 327cid/360-hp V8 under the hood. The car has a much more European feel, and features fixed headlights and a "swallow tail" rear end.

Once in the spotlight, the Rondine drew more attention than any car yet. Bidding for the car quickly skyrocketed past $1 million and was finally sold for of $1.6 million, with a final price tag of $1.76 million after auction fees. That's quite a lot of change, but less money than other desirable concept cars have sold for in past years.

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